in june 2010, our lives got turned upside down in the best possible way: the birth of our awesome kiddo, john. in october 2013, brother charlie charged into our life to change the status quo again. and june 2016 brought us brother ben to round out our trio.

i'm proud to have "mom" at the top of the list of titles on my resume, but i'm also still a hard-working professional. how does a working mom juggle work and family? ride along with me and see if i can figure it out!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

last week sucked.

exploring the doctor's stool while we wait
for blood tests to come back.

i try to maintain a pretty positive and, some might say, even pollyannaish perspective on our lives. nothing is gained by dwelling and festering, right?

but i can say without equivocation that last week sucked.

charlie came home monday afternoon with a high fever. he's my fever baby - if he's going to bother getting one, it's going to hit 103+ - so i wasn't too alarmed. rest and fever reducer and he'd be fine. but then tuesday he broke out in crazy hives. so my husband and his mom (who happened to be visiting) brought him to the doctor just in case. viral fever with rash was the diagnosis. ok, treat the symptoms, care for the cranky babe, he'll be fine.

wednesday morning the hives were much worse - covering probably 60% of his body. i called the nurse. we discussed, and agreed that as long as there was no swelling around the mouth and no breathing issues we'd just keep up the same treatment.

and then thursday, he woke up looking like he'd been beaten. his inner thighs and the area around all his joints were purple and angry. walk-in clinic hours here we come. the np affirmed that we were right to bring him in - in his words, in the medical world, anything purple is bad. and apparently there are some serious conditions that can manifest like that. (dr. google had already told me that, at which point i promptly stopped reading.) fortunately, charlie's platelet counts came back normal and a regimen of antihistamines and steroids was prescribed. within a few hours he was on the mend, but with a fine case of roid rage that we're still getting over.

meantime, john had a very tough week behaviorally. i picked him up early tuesday because he had pulled down his pants and peed in the classroom (?!?!). thursday he hit a parent and a younger sibling who were picking up a friend. friday he threw chairs and blocks and was sent home again.

we were at a complete loss. in between these incidents, john was his normal well-behaved and sweet self. but the demons were coming out in force.

with a phone consult to his therapist, we came up with a gameplan. she would talk with his teachers so she could get some more insight into what triggers him. we would start a star chart to reward such good behavior as "control your body and yourself at school" and "accept no" and "ask for help when needed." i would create a sorting bag for him - he finds sorting to be cathartic and if he could intervene when he feels overwhelmed, he might cut off the outbursts before they happen. and i would bring some "special snacks" with plenty of protein in case blood sugar had anything to do with the timing of his issues.

on top of that, john and i would talk a lot about his toolbox - the things he can use when he starts to feel not so good. he has his breathing technique his auntie lizzy taught him, his yoga poses he can do, his sorting bag, his snacks, asking a teacher for help, reading a book. all ways he can cope, and we keep talking about them and adding more.

i know that, like charlie's horrible bruise-y rash, this will pass and john will be fine. but all of that piled into one week - on top of the visit of my mother in law, which while a blessing is still just different than routine - was a lot for this little family.

want pollyanna back? yesterday was an amazing day for john. he used his sorting back and ate his snacks and had no even minor issues at school. he came home and was a dear. he got all five stars on his star chart. it was only one day, but it was a good one, and we'll happily mark a check in the w column for monday.

we'll get there, boys.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

a letter to john

"i'm five years old!"

hey my birthday bug!

i can't believe you turn five today. when you woke up grinning and leaped into my lap for the first "five year old kiss," i knew you were going to have an awesome day.

you've given your daddy and me five years of awesome days, kiddo. you've challenged us, made us laugh, helped us be better people, and shown us the world through your brilliant creative eyes.

you are so like me. sometimes that makes us mad at each other. sometimes we even yell. but i always know in my heart that we'll fight through it together and hug and take care of each other. we're a problem solving family, and you're an excellent little problem solver.

you are so like your daddy. you are determined and persistent and funny. you liven our house with your laugh and your smile and your rambunctious running and climbing and jumping and never-standing-still.

you are unlike any child i have ever known. you're a special, precious little dude and i can't believe i am blessed enough to know you, let alone to be your mama.

five years ago you came into our family, and i've told you every night how proud of you i am. but i will tell you today that i am EXTRA proud.

i am proud of you for helping others. i am proud of you for taking such good care of your brother. i am proud of you for seeing god in the world around you. i am proud of you for asking questions and not stopping until you understand. i am proud of you for being fast and strong and working hard. i am proud of you for reading, and writing, and building, and drawing. 

but mostly, i am proud of you for loving so much. you have a big tender heart, and you put it out in the world with abandon. 

and you are my heart, silly man. you will always be my baby boy - always.

your mama

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

serious talk: my john

my little shaded studs
we've been on a wild ride with my john the past year or so - he's an amazingly sweet, remarkable, mannerly, kind little boy, but there's a switch inside him that flips when he gets frustrated or overwhelmed, and he just can't process his big feelings. the result is some really disruptive behavior that's been a challenge for him to control.

there've been good weeks and bad weeks, and after a particularly tough spell recently we decided to seek professional help. john had his first therapy session today, and he loved it and they seem to think we'll be able to help him find some coping mechanisms to learn how to control his emotional outbursts and process big feelings in a more productive way. i'm excited for him, that he will be a little more prepared by the time we start kindergarten in the fall.

in the meantime, his little brain is unbelievable. 

on the way to therapy today, i asked him how he met his "different grandpas" - a pair of imaginary characters that are a vivid part of his imaginary play. he told me the story. 

apparently while he was in "japans" trying to protect everyone from a meteorite, it turned out the meteorite was actually two guys landing from outer space who asked to be john's grandpas. he said yes. they both started out good but then one got kidnapped by a bad guy who shot a bad arrow at him and then dropped him off on mars while the bad guy stole a whole bunch of supplies. now there's a bad different grandpa and a good different grandpa.

he told me all of this with such a straight face, and so much inflection and detail. what a vivid imagination he has.

but sometimes, mommy gets a little too fanciful for john. a couple of nights ago, as i snuggled him before bed, he said, "mommy, the stories we tell at bed time don't make any sense."

curious, i asked, "why do you say that, john?"

he responded, "talking animals? me, too fast or too high? dinosaurs that dance and sing? those things aren't real."

"but it's nice to use our imaginations, isn't it? to be creative?" i suggested.

"mommy, tonight i want you to tell me a story that's ... serious."

i suppose i was put in my place. so i told a story of dinosaurs who did not speak (and certainly did not dance or sing) but instead ate plants in the swamp. it was pretty boring, but he was pleased.

the next night we were back to different grandpas and talking dogs, though, so i guess i can't complain.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


swimming monkeys.

i used to write.

i wrote to document, for catharsis, to explore, to share.

i wrote to remember.

and then i stopped.

today is just another day. but today, i am writing.

this morning, charlie woke up chipper and silly. he made animal noises at me in his crib before he would let me get him up. he hid behind his blankie and giggled when i asked where he went. he snuggled me tight and shared his blankie with me when i picked him up.

that is why i write.

and in the car on the way to school, charlie sang a song about the sun.

"sun sun sun sun sun" he sang.

and then it was john's turn, and john sang a song about how when we see the sun, we know that god is here. god makes the sun rise and the sun set and we can see his face.

that is why i write.

and right now i am taking a brief break from my new work-from-home job, where i am crafting strategy and devising plans, and learning and pushing and growing. i feel a veil lifting as my creative energies are being revived.

that is why i write.

happy thursday.