in june 2010, our lives got turned upside down in the best possible way: the birth of our awesome kiddo, john. in october 2013, brother charlie charged into our life to change the status quo again. and june 2016 brought us brother ben to round out our trio.

i'm proud to have "mom" at the top of the list of titles on my resume, but i'm also still a hard-working professional. how does a working mom juggle work and family? ride along with me and see if i can figure it out!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

whirlwind part ii

lots and lots of crawfish! photo credit: caitlin fitzwater
i hoped that maybe, MAYBE, john's full saturday and late bedtime would equate to sleeping in on sunday morning. after all, we didn't officially have to be anywhere until the crawfish boil started at 2pm.

alas ... no such luck. whether we set a pattern by waking up early for the flight, or whether the time change threw him off, or whether he just felt like rising early, at 4:30am i heard a little voice from the pack n play next to me. "mommy? daddy?"

i leaned over and pulled him into bed with me, grabbing his milk so he could maybe drink and snuggle and drift back to sleep. instead, he sat on me, laid on me, cuddled me, and periodically said things like, "grandpa, where are you?" ("he's sleeping baby. go back night night.") or "get up, mommy. go on airplaine." ("no, sweetie, we're not going on an airplane until tuesday. go back to sleep.") after about an hour of this, he finally said, "go night night with kitty." which is our family code for getting into his bed and snuggling with his stuffed kitty. so i laid him back in his bed and we slept ... for an hour. oh well. 

since everyone else in the house was still asleep, i decided we'd go to the park to play for a little while. at 7:30 on a sunday morning, the park was pretty empty - a few folks walking dogs or on morning strolls, but we had the place to ourselves. john surprised me by climbing right up on the little bouncy horse - you know, the ones with the spring that bobs back and forth? i thought for sure it was too tall for him but he was on it in the blink of an eye. "riding horse, mommy! neigh!!"

we drove back to the house, and as we pulled into the parking lot across from my dad's house, john exclaimed with glee: "grandpa's house!"

*    *    *
after a quiet morning - john and his daddy napped - of helping my dad clean up the house for the party, my friends from back in the day began to arrive. first were two of my best girl friends from high school, with their kiddos in tow - one with an almost 13-year-old boy, a nine-year-old-girl, and a 2.5-year-old boy; the other brought "only" her week-old baby girl, leaving the older three home with dad so she could hang out with the baby. soon other guests arrived. other high-school-era friends, friends of my dad, friends of my brother, a lifelong friend who is as close as i've ever gotten to having a sister. at one point i looked around us in the living room and saw that five of us were there with two spouses present, but more noticeably, seven kids running around us. in the same living room where we used to hang out when we were younger. VERY surreal!
controlled chaos - look at all those kids!!

john spent time climbing the decrepit old swingset in the back yard - he and the other two-year-old boy took wonderful turns climbing to the top and leaping off into my arms. he also met two of his future girlfriends/prom dates, two beautiful young ladies just a little younger than him who i promise he will be a perfect gentleman to a little later in life!
kids, mess, dogpiles on the floor: a great day

and of course, what's a crawfish boil without some crawfish. john ate ... and ate and ate and ate. if you've never eaten crawfish before, you may not realize that they are a little bit high-effort. it takes some peeling to get each bite. by the time i would peel one for john, he was ready for the next one - i couldn't even get any! that kid loves some spicy food, and to hear him say, "more crawfish" every time he had a bite does wonders for this crawfish-loving mommy's heart.

one of the craziest things about a trip back to western maryland is actually seeing my brother's friends. while i am well aware that they are all grownups now - after all, my "baby" brother will be 28 on saturday - i still think of them as punky nine-year-old boys running around the house. catching up with them and discovering the various weddings/engagements/jobs/etc. is almost as much fun as catching up with my own motley crew of friends. one of my brother's friends paid me a pretty high compliment - that he actually reads and enjoys this blog! he is not what i would call my target demographic ... so i am thrilled that it's still readable, even to unmarried twenty-something men! ha!

after a very full day, john was ready for bedtime. but no sooner did i get him upstairs than he started HOLLERING for my brother. "uncle nick! uncle nick! night night! uncle nick! where are you, uncle nick!" so uncle nick had to come upstairs and give john a kiss goodnight. i guess he made an impression ...

i confess that not too much later, i was ready to turn into a pumpkin myself. what an amazing, long, full, awesome day of catching up with old friends and spending time with people i love ...

three of our group of four who were best
of friends our junior and senior years.
you can't see the baby on the end, but we've
each got a wee one in our arms. my, how
times change ...

photo credit: holly conrad

photographic evidence

from top, left to right:
1 (left). john with my husband's aunt and uncle - the generous providers of ice cream for lunch!
1 (right). me, john, and john's grandpa (my dad) checking out a stinky pig
2 (left). john and the new york cousins investigating some goats
2 (right). is john hiding from the sheep?
3 (left). john telling me about the sheep
3 (right). john making friends
4 (left). exploring the wooden tractor
4 (right). learning to drive!
5 (left). running off some of the ice cream energy
5 (right). john's fear of slides can't stop him today
6 (left/right). driving the tractor
7 (left/right). showing mommy how it's done

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


the "tree with leaves"
it was a whirlwind weekend. (she says on wednesday afternoon.)

we went to maryland for memorial day weekend, and we saw so many people and did so many things ... highlights over the next few days, but first, an explanation of that pillow. one of my best friends from college was kind enough to have us over monday, and she invited many of our other friends for dinner and hanging out that night. that evening, her two-year-old daughter and john were hamming it up on the couch for some photos, when john laid his head down on the pillow, looked up at me and said, "mommy, night night in the tree with leaves." as an adult, i would have described it as a very cool green designer throw pillow. but to john, a tree with leaves. so awesome how their brains work ...

*    *    *
saturday morning, we got up at 4:30am. we'd packed like crazy the night before, so we were able to pretty much get up and go. an hour drive to new orleans meant john got a little more snoozing in, but my husband and i were pretty bleary-eyed by the time we made it to the off-airport parking lot.

john was extremely excited to ride on a bus to the airport, and even more so when we explained that he was going on an actual airport! once we checked our bags, my husband ran to the restroom while john and i played/hung out in the seats nearby. a middle-aged man walked by, grinning at john, and muttered, "what a pleasure!" and i sure did think so, my sleepy cuddle bug climbing from chair to chair next to me.

when we got on the plane, john was terribly excited. and he patiently waited for take-off so we could go "up in the sky!" unfortunately, he was not a fan of the acceleration of the take-off process, and he burrowed in my shoulder ... where he promptly fell asleep for the first 45 minutes of the flight. when he woke up, he did GREAT on the plane - he played with his cars in my lap or at my feet, and was generally a good sport and friendly to everyone around us. he didn't like landing, either, but he gamely held on to me and waited for it to end.

as we waited to get off the plane, the same man we had seen outside the restrooms was sitting across the aisle from us and playing with john with the ballcap he had on. he kept trying to tell us to let john keep it, but we just gave it back to him and said thank you so much. but as we got off the plane, he insisted - he plonked the manchester united ballcap on john's head, and told him he was a good boy. who am i to say no to a short-term adopted grandpa? we'll wash the cap, of course, but john is excited to have a new hat ...

*    *    *
before we headed up to smithsburg, we stopped at a restaurant not far from the baltimore airport to meet my husband's aunt and uncle for lunch. by this time, john was not being such a good sport - he skinned his knees in the parking lot while playing, and was just a general grump. fortunately for us, my husband's uncle had the solution: ice cream for lunch! so while the rest of us chowed down on crab cake sandwiches and caught up on the extended family, john enjoyed a non-traditional vanilla ice cream lunch that did the trick. 

back into the car for the hour and 15 minute drive to my dad's house in smithsburg. john (thank goodness) snoozed the whole way, and by the time we arrived he couldn't wait to go see grandpa. my cousin and her husband arrived shortly thereafter from new york, and grandpa decided we just had to go to this local farm that now has a creamery and a little animal farm for kids to check out. it was awesome - if you're in that neck of the woods and you haven't been to the creamery at misty meadows farm, drop everything and get there now. tasty local ice cream, cute farm animals to check out, and a fun wooden tractor playset for the wee ones to play on. 

after john's second ice cream of the day, we decided to head into hagerstown to visit grammie at her work. she works at a liquor store - not your traditional family visit location, but i tell you what, john LOVED running up and down the wide aisles of the store. and going behind the counter to steal french fries from grammie's coworker, who was nice enough to share. john had the run of the place for a good 30 minutes while we visited with my mom and met her coworkers, who all feel like they know john already from her pictures and videos.

back to grandpa's house, where my best friend from high school and her four-year-old daughter were now hanging out with grandpa and the new york cousins. the two kiddos played together while we all caught up, and just as the kids were turning into pumpkins we shuttled john off to bed where he fell fast asleep.

my dad loves to cook (and does it well) so he "whipped up" a delicious dinner of skewered steak, shrimp, and veggies, and i took my tired (full) butt off to bed pretty early. my husband stayed up late with dad and the cousins, but i'm glad i didn't - the next day started off earlier than i ever intended. more on that later!

Friday, May 25, 2012

things moms say

you would never guess those sweet blue
eyes hide a stubborn streak a mile wide
there is something about being a mother that makes you say things. things you never thought you would actually say, but that come out of your mouth anyway.

and i guess moms say these things because they work, but it is SO weird to feel myself saying them and then be thinking, did i just say that??

things like, using john's first AND last name when he's in trouble. that's such an old chestnut that i didn't even think about it until i caught myself yelling it to him across the living room. i don't remember if my mom did this when i was a kid. but apparently "moms everywhere" do, including me ...

things like, counting to three. you know, "john, come here right now! i'm going to count to three. one ... two ... " the amazing thing about this one is, IT WORKS. good job thinking of this, all those moms i copied from. it works really well. and it still feels strange to hear it come from my mouth.

things like, "cruisin' for a bruisin'". yeah, i said that. can we move on?

things like, "use your inside voice." and "don't run in socks!" and "i have to wash behind your ears."

it is like some 1950s mom in her crinolines and apron has taken over the verbal center of my brain, and she makes these things come out of my mouth. it's like i am POSSESSED by the spirits of all the moms who went before me!

don't look at me like that - your face might get stuck that way.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


we were supposed to share this apple.
instead, john mostly ate it.
if you didn't see on facebook, i have just begun training for a half marathon in october with one of my life-long best friends. she lives in maryland and i, obviously, live in louisiana. so owe are "virtually" training together, and i will fly up there in october so we can run the race together.

also obviously, john and buddy are an important part of my training. they will come on almost all of my runs with me, at least until i get to longer distances that are too much for a big ol' doggy. (have i discussed my running method here? i can't remember. i have john in the stroller, and i loop buddy's leash around my waist. it's a sight for sore eyes. maybe one day i will get a picture and share it here.)

so last night was my first training run. i've been running, so it wasn't too painful, but it was still an adventure. we're starting out with the couch to 5k program, so it's intervals of running and walking. every time i would start a running interval, i would hear a gleeful "wheeeee" from the front of the stroller. a few times, john even said, "flying, mommy! flying!"

between my cheering section and the extra pull from the 85 lb lab around my waist, it was a pretty fast run. one day down, 20 weeks 6 days left to go! ha!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


for the last 20 minutes of our drive,
john kept saying, "mommy, wash!"
i thought he had fig newton on his hands.
in fact, he had fig newton on his everything.
yesterday was probably the monday-est monday i've ever experienced.

it started out pretty normal and pretty ok. got john to school on time, and he happily sat down to eat his breakfast with his friends. (all his friends said, "hi, john john! hi, john's mommy!" when i got there, so that was actually pretty sweet.)

when i got back out to the car, though, it wouldn't start. wouldn't turn over at all. (why yes, you DO remember correctly - just two weeks ago my car wouldn't run either!) i didn't think it was the battery, but just in case, one of the other daycare mommies was kind enough to offer to jump my car, and then one of the daycare daddies showed up and the mommy and i were happy to cede the process to him. (i will happily admit that i am a stereotypical girl who doesn't do well with cars.) he tried to jump the car and it wouldn't work, so i called triple a. i told them it wasn't the battery but ...

they sent a battery truck instead of a tow truck. the battery guy confirmed it was not the battery, and HE called a tow truck. so after 1.5 hours hanging out in front of the daycare, the tow truck arrived and brought the car and me to the shop. (at this point, it's a good thing he got there. i was ready to push my car into the river and leave it there.)

fortunately, the shop had a loaner car, so i was able to head straight from there to work. got to work 1.5 hours late, but all was ok ... all was ok. (and later that afternoon, the shop told us that it's just a fuel hose that came loose, probably related to the work they did two weeks ago. so i don't think they're going to charge us, and it's not a big deal. yay!)

*   *   *
after work, i drove the loaner car to the daycare to get john. i successfully installed john's child seat into the loaner car - i was very pleased with myself. john was in a great mood, and we talked and sang the whole way home.

i pulled into the driveway, reflexively reaching up to hit the garage door opener ... which of course isn't programmed into the loaner car. no biggie, i parked in the driveway and started digging for my keys. and digging. and digging. and digging.

and then, to my chagrin, i remembered where my keys were. they were on the stroller, in the house. i was locked out.

no big deal, right, surely my husband would be home soon? nope. he had a meeting in donaldsonville, la, 40 minutes away, that didn't start until 6:30pm. he probably wouldn't be home til after john's bedtime.

so john and i piled back into the car for a little road trip to donaldsonville. like any good road trip, we started with a supply stop at the nearest convenience store. i figured i'd pick up some milk and a snack for john. we walked to the dairy section, and the only little sized milk they had was chocolate. i said, "well, john, looks like you get chocolate milk today!"

he looked at me, displeased, and said, "like white milk!"

i told him he'd have to deal with chocolate today, and got him a fig newton snack pack to fill his belly.

the drive was uneventful. we made good time, got the key, and turned around to head home. about halfway home, john started whining. "wash, mommy, wash." he's been sort of obsessed with washing his hands lately, so i just said, "don't worry, baby, we'll wash your hands when we get home."

he grew more and more insistent the rest of the way home, and when i opened up the door at the house, i saw why. he was COATED with fig newton. ears to elbows to ankles and every surface in between was a figgy, sticky mess. i looked at him and said, "would you like a bath, son?"

and he said, "bath. and white milk."

what a day.

Monday, May 21, 2012


i promise you, john locked himself in
the shower and i did *not* put him there.
our sunday school class recently studied the five love languages. it's something my husband and i had discussed before, but like most marriage improvement/enrichment exercises, it's always nice to revisit it and see if you have any new insight. 

(if you're not familiar with the five love languages, the theory is basically that every individual has a primary way in which they give and receive love. those ways include touch, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and quality time. the idea is that if you figure out which means the most to your partner and offer that to them, and they do the same for you, the end result is a better-functioning relationship.)

one of the interesting parts of this discussion with our class was the topic of your children's love languages. from an early age, the theory goes, you can learn how to help your children feel fulfilled and loved by identifying which love language(s) mean(s) the most to them.

when my husband and i thought about john, we decided we might have to just observe him over the next couple years, because at this young age he is mostly a mimic and it's hard to tell what means the most to him.

until ...

saturday, our family had a rare treat: we ALL took a three-hour nap in the afternoon. when i woke up to hear john babbling in his crib, i went to go get him.

when i walked into the room, he stood up in his bed and clapped while he cheered, "yay, mommy! you did it!"

i have no idea what it is that i accomplished, but damn did it feel good to be championed like that!

over the course of the rest of the weekend, we couldn't help noticing how often john cheers, says "yay!", applauds our efforts, says "good job, buddy" to the dog, or any number of other variations.

so, while we'll keep watching for adaptations, it seems pretty safe to say that right now, words of affirmation are tops on john's love language list.

Friday, May 18, 2012


even with mommy's big ol' running shoes
on, how grown and big does he look here?
and how little he looks playing his
drum this morning! something about
being naked makes him look so small
and vulnerable.
but big or little ... i will gobble him up because he is delicious.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


one of my favorite things to do recently is just sort of let john play, "unattended." that's in quotes because we're never far away, and we peek in on him often, but it's sort of fun to see what he does when he's left to his own devices.

this morning, we started out with a brisk climb:

can't. quite. reach. lotsalegs.
he was so quiet while i was blowdrying my hair that i wandered into his room to check on him. he wasn't trying to climb into his bed, exactly, but scaling the sides and reaching for the menagerie of animals that sleep with him on a nightly basis.

he followed me back to the bathroom while i put on my makeup, and then wandered off again. i checked his room and he was nowhere to be seen - but two monkeys WERE conspicuously missing from the bin they usually sit in on his floor.

i walked into the kitchen, and i still couldn't see him. but i could hear this little narrative. "night night, monkeys. nap. monkeys on a nap. night night nap monkey. (insert kiss sound) night night nap monkey. (insert kiss sound)."

around the island, and i see john putting the two monkeys to bed on the floor, gently and sweetly. each one gets a kiss, a back rub, and a snuggle before he lays them down together.

sweet boy tending to his babies.

as i walked around the corner and john spotted me, he shouted, "get up, monkeys! mommy here! get up, monkeys!"

"get up, green monkey!"
"monkey sit! mommy, monkey sitting!"

and then, after i kissed his head and walked into the living room, i hear john yelling, "horse! horse!" and then "neigh!"

i walked back into the kitchen. and this is what i see:

"giddyup, monkey horse!"

gotta love an imagination.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


any idea where this little man came from?
i'm pretty sure i had a baby not so long ago.
i am regularly dumbfounded by how grown my little peanut is. in fact, it feels funny to call him peanut, even though that's primarily how i referred to him for the first 9-10 months of his life. (until my husband pointed out that the poor kid was likely to think his name was, in fact, peanut, at which point i tried to curb the habit.)

never am i more amazed, though, than at the things he remembers and tells me about loooooong after the fact. like yesterday when i picked him up from school, and he pointed at the black suv parked next to me and said, "keiser's truck!" somehow he remembered that when his friend keiser gets picked up by his mommy, that's the car they ride off in.

or how yesterday morning i told john that after school we were going to take the doggy for a run while daddy mowed the lawn. and when we got in the car yesterday afternoon, john said "mommy on a walk? john on a walk? buddy on a walk? daddy on the mower?"

there is just so much going on in that cute little brain. he seems to be constantly absorbing every single thing he sees and hears, and parroting it back - but in amazingly appropriate and accurate ways. it's not a matter of simple rote repetition - he is actually comprehending what he hears, retaining that information, and using it as needed.

this shouldn't be so amazing, i suppose - we all went through this process as we learned the world around us. but watching it, being witness to it, and assisting in it is so amazing, so boggling, and so humbling. human development is truly a miraculous thing to behold.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

peas please

john thinks you have to be six inches
 from the camera when you say "cheese"

this morning, john woke up in fine form. he was cuddly, silly, and giggly, and wanted to talk talk talk talk talk (which he does most of the time these days). 

i brought him to my bed to snuggle for a little bit, and he told me all about how birds say "tweet tweet" and kitties say "meow" and firetrucks say "weeoo weeoo" but he likes police cars too and they say "weeoo weeoo" also. it was a fascinating conversation.

he also told me that "george" (curious george) is a monkey and that "kayla" is an elephant (that's george's friend in the curious george movie we have). he informed me that he was going to school and listed his friends that he would play with. he told me "john get yummy milk" as he sipped from his sippy cup, then "mommy a funny hat" when he put the sippy cup on my head. all in all he just made me grin.

as i was packing up my lunch to take to work ("mommy lunch! lunch! mommy go to work.") john saw me take some frozen peas out of the fridge. "peas please!" he said. "peas peas peas please! peas please!"

i explained that they were frozen, as if he would understand what that means. and he just said, "peas peas peas please!"

so i gave him a frozen pea. and he loved it. and said, "more peas please?" so john had still-frozen peas for breakfast this morning.

whatever works, i guess!

Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

whatever you do, please do not tell
john that that's not a cupcake.
it's a cupcake, ok?

so yesterday was mother's day (did you notice? ha!) and we had an altogether lovely day. an altogether lovely weekend, actually, with no one sick and everyone in a good mood and even with some extra sleep. (john slept til 9am on saturday and took three-hour naps both days. that makes for some good rest-time for the mama and daddy too!)

it was wonderful to spend time with my family, and to see extended family for a tasty mother's day dinner last night. this is the third mother's day that i've been a mom - including when john was in my belly, i mean - yet i still haven't quite gotten used to being celebrated on mother's day. of course, being a mom is probably my very favorite thing that i am. but it still seems like someone else's holiday - when i should celebrate my mom, grandmothers, aunts, etc.

even as he was going to bed last night, john said to me, "happy mother's day!" (he'd been working on that all day.) and i just looked at him and melted and kissed his forehead and said, "baby, i should be wishing YOU a happy mother's day. i'm a mommy because you're here in my arms, and that's the best thing ever."

so, i would like to wish a belated mother's day to all the daddies and babies out there. you make us mommies who we are. without you, we're just ladies. and while being a lady is a pretty awesome thing to be, for me, being a mommy is the bees knees.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

oh, hair

john getting himself ready for school.
is it vain or shallow for me to be sad that i had to undo my purple hair last night? i'm struggling a little bit with why i care so much. (yesterday i was informed that company policy forbids non-natural colored hair. that's not how i read the policy - i checked before the dye job - but of course i am not going to fight it and so i dyed it brownish reddish something or other last night.)

it shouldn't matter to me what color my hair is. i know who i am in my heart. i know that i am a little bit rockstar, even if i don't have rockstar color in my hair. (and john knows it too - i asked him if mommy was still rockstar and he said YES!) heck, it doesn't matter if i have hair at all - i have shaved it all off before and still felt beautiful and feminine.

and it's not as though my hair looks awful now - it's just much more normal. 

i think i just feel sad because i was so excited about this particular self-expression. the timing of it seemed so right with all that is going on in my internal world right now. and i felt so affirmed by most of the reactions i was receiving from people - they were GETTING it, understanding my "message." 

so, my challenge for myself: find other outlets for that particular self-expression. don't let this make me sad; instead, transform it into a new inspiration to be slightly off-the-wall, a little off-center, and a lot myself. 

here's to hoping. and one day, john, ONE DAY - your mama will get to have her blue hair for more than a day or two. just for principle.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

things i am

if you known me awhile, you know my
quest for anime hair is not new.
but this is my most recent effort.
i've been thinking a lot about dichotomy lately. a million-years-ago boyfriend introduced me to the concept and i promptly fell in love - with the boy, and with dichotomy.

i've always loved the contrasts that come to mind when i think of dichotomy. look at me - hardworking, accomplished professional/devoted loving mom. freewheeling creative/analytical numbers nerd. brash, cocky go-getter/nervous self-conscious procrastinator. grammar nazi/hater of capital letters. innate musician/dancer with no rhythm. animal lover/devoted omnivore with carnivorous tendencies. the list goes on and on.

but - and perhaps this is just age talking - as time goes on, i'm beginning to think these aren't so much dichotomies as spectra. and instead of trying to eradicate the less-desirable half of the dichotomy, perhaps it's about learning to use all those endpoints as tools, where appropriate. playing to my strengths, if that's not just too cliched to digest. (there's another dichotomy: creative wordsmith/over-user of cliches.)

and then, today, someone very dear to me saw my new vibrant hair color and told me that she thinks it's an awesomely healthy expression of my inner self. that sometimes when people have dissonance between the many hats they wear, they wind up expressing that through negativity towards those around them. they take it out on their loved ones, their friends, their coworkers. and, she said, if expressing that even when i'm wearing my "john's mom" hat, i don't let that all-the-way define me, if i'm still a little bit of a punk rocker, then i'm finding a way to balance all those hats and just be me.

and i looked at her and said, those are exactly the words i was looking for when i dyed my hair purple and blue. i'm still ME: whether i'm actively being john's mom, my husband's wife, the mall's marketing manager, my parent's daughter, my friends' friend, whichever had i am wearing there is core truth to me. and one part of that truth is that john's mom is at least a little bit rockstar.

*  *  *
another core truth is that my husband and i are blessed to live with the coolest little man in town. as proof, i offer exhibit a:

'sup, mom.
that pic was taken when john asked if he could "watch monkey! watch george!"

he's recently discovered that we have curious george 2 on netflix, and ever since, we have watched it about 150 times. and every time, he narrates the whole thing: "mama! monkey RIDE elephant. daddy, elephant bath. TRAIN! choo choo, mommy, choo choo. monkey elephant on choo choo." etc etc.

i mostly skip the movie and watch the narrator. he's pretty rockstar too.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a moment

if only he was as good at putting them
back as at getting them out ...
a profound thought from this morning's breakfast: while my "cupcakes" (pear bran muffins) were in the microwave for 45 seconds, i managed to feed, water, and pet the dog - and i had 18 seconds to spare. how many other things could i accomplish if i just broke them down into 27 second tasks? something to think on ... after all, how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time ...

ps. my may 2 exercise wasn't super great - just a mile walked at the mall. but i did it in four-inch heels, so that has to count for something, right?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

balloon bath

          1. turn water on.        2. check water level.           3. clean baloon.
yesterday as i was blowdrying my hair, john was playing in the bathroom. this is pretty standard stuff, so i don't watch him too closely - he knows what not to touch, and with occasional guidance he's usually in pretty good shape.

so over the noise of the blowdryer, i heard this: "oh no ... uh oh, balloon."

i turned off the blowdryer and turned around, to discover several things all at once:

  1. john found his almost-dead balloon from our trip to the mall last week
  2. john knows how to turn on the water in my bathtub
  3. john's balloon apparently needed a bath.
now i'm not overly concerned about any of these facts. actually, it made for a fun little morning photoshoot. and i got the balloon out and dried it off and all was well in john's world.

what i *do* worry about are the ramifications: what else will john find in the house that needs a bath?????

stay tuned ...

*   *   *
as an aside, i am making a commitment to do some type of physical activity every day in the month of may, and i would like to invite you to join me.

it doesn't have to be a visit to the gym - it can be a walk or run in the neighborhood, jumping on a trampoline, yoga in your living room, whatever floats your boat.

want to play along? comment on this entry (not on facebook please - want to try to keep them all in one place) so we can keep each other accountable!

here's what i did yesterday: a two-mile walk at a fast pace in the neighborhood, with john and buddy in tow.

let's get active together, shall we?