in june 2010, our lives got turned upside down in the best possible way: the birth of our awesome kiddo, john. in october 2013, brother charlie charged into our life to change the status quo again. and june 2016 brought us brother ben to round out our trio.

i'm proud to have "mom" at the top of the list of titles on my resume, but i'm also still a hard-working professional. how does a working mom juggle work and family? ride along with me and see if i can figure it out!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

a whole-family update

so much has happened these past few days, not least of all:
my name is bella.

bella is a not quite 3-year-old lab we just adopted. her former family kept her outside in a nice big fenced yard, and she had a nice shed to stay in for nighttime, but the family recently had a baby and they haven't had enough time to play with her lately, so they elected to find her a new family.

enter the heids. she's a doll of a dog, and we can't wait until she gets a little more settled into her new home. our biggest obstacle right now? she's not fixed yet. we'll be fixing her very soon, but right now, she's in heat. thus:

have you ever seen such fashionable
panties on a lab?

i grant you it's a temporary solution, but the heat is a temporary situation, so we'll make do! she's otherwise very sweet, albeit unused to living in a house and so needs some training. she's smart and sweet tho, so i think we'll do just fine.

in sleep news, john had been doing great, but last night was terrible. woke up at midnight and wasn't fully settled until 1 a.m. woke again at 5 a.m. and ate, then woke again at 7:00 a.m. and didn't settle until about 7:45 a.m. so mom is pretty exhausted ... oh did i mention i had a party last night for my mom's birthday, with about 25 guests? yes, the same day we adopted the dog. it was wild. but very fun. and mom had a great time, and is now en route back to maryland.

between sleep training and house training and the party, i've been chasing a puppy and listening to sobbing tears and entertaining and playing darts and somewhere in there trying to do laundry and yes visit with my husband who i feel like i've barely seen in a week ...

but i wouldn't trade a bit of it. welcome to the crazy family, miss bella.

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