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Thursday, February 24, 2011

mashed bananas

when john was born, we decided that ideally, we wanted him to be exclusively breastfed until he was a year old. our pediatrician was all for it, believing firmly that there's no reason to rush to solid foods unless there's a compelling reason to do so. i think the american academy of pediatrics (or similar organization, i'm no expert at this) even says that breastmilk provides everything nutritionally that a baby needs for the first 12 months of life.

now i've always said that if there was a compelling reason to start foods sooner, we would - if john was really interested in food, or if he wasn't getting enough nutrition in some way. and it seems we've hit that point: my milk production hasn't increased to match his latest increase in appetite, so i just can't keep up. we had him on half-formula/half-milk for a week or two, but it seemed to really upset his stomach - he was spitting up tons. so i chatted with the pediatrician this morning, and we're going to start john on some easy foods today or tomorrow.

i'm simultaneously really excited and a little sad about this. like every developmental step in his life, it thrills me to see my little man grow and learn. i actually look forward to the mashed-banana-in-his-hair that i will probably have to wash tonight. i can't wait to see his joy at trying new tasks - because he seems to love to try anything new.

on the other hand, i am sad because eating real foods seems to be a clear line of demarkation between baby-baby and little boy. oh, i know, he's still a baby, and there will be lots of lines like that before he's a toddler. but still ... my tiny little dependent peanut is no longer so tiny and little, and already not so dependent. i will love every phase of john's life, but will still miss every phase once it passes.

additionally, i am trying not to feel like i have failed in my mission to exclusively breastfeed for a year. milk will still be the primary part of his diet for at least that long. and i know we're doing the right thing for john. so why does it feel like i'm letting him down? it's ridiculous, i know. but sometimes knowing something is ridiculous is not enough to make me stop feeling it.

so. tonight i will mash bananas. possibly some peas. and we will bathe a food-covered baby. and i pledge to laugh as much as possible through the whole process, and document with pictures and videos because i know this new phase will pass as quickly as the baby-baby phase. and someday soon i will have a little boy running around with frogs in his pockets and mud on his shoes.

john, your mom overthinks things sometimes.

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lauren mcvey said...

aww... john is growing up so fast. i remember when he started at A lil ones. i took an immediate attachment to him. and now i never see him and wont because i no longer work there.