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Monday, August 20, 2012

dirt covered noise

another john-selected outfit:
sports sweatshirt, sweatpants, and chuck
taylor all stars.
in south louisiana in august.

mom's impromptu draping job to keep the applesauce
off the couch. apparently it exhausted the little guy.

my husband recently heard somewhere that little boys are "dirt covered noise," and nary a more appropriate statement has ever been made. between the drumset, the loud voices, the mud puddles and the applesauce baths (see draping job above), john is a living breathing case in point.

we had a very full weekend (cousin brooke was back in town, and we had a send-off family dinner for cousin ashley before she goes to study in shanghai for a year), but two stories stand out as dirt-covered-noise examples in primary.

this is kind of a gross story. if you don't like gross stories, skip to #2. it's not gross.

on sunday afternoon, john was eating some applesauce and drinking juice at the kitchen table. i ran into the other room to get some laundry, and when i came back i found him standing in his chair, leaned over the juice cup to drink from the straw. i ducked out of the room again, and when i came back he looked less than pleased.

i walked over to check him out, and noticed his juice looked very cloudy - with a sigh, i figured he'd been dunking his spoon in the juice again. "john," i said, "did you put applesauce in your juice?"

abashed, he looked at me and said, "no, mommy. it's yukky."

and then i got a whiff, and quickly figured out what had happened. he gagged himself on his straw, and threw up in his cup. "are you ok, baby?" i asked him.

he looked at me wide-eyed and said, "i burp in a cup."

i just about fell on the floor laughing from that oh-so-accurate description. fortunately, burp-in-a-cup is relatively easy to clean up, tho he did get some on his shirt and required a bath. and for about 20 minutes, he just kept saying, "i sorry mommy. i burp in a cup."

when we were over at my aunt and uncle's house for the going away party, we spent a lot of time hanging out outside, as usual. john loves to run around in their big, vegetated yard. with all the rain we've had lately, i knew he would get muddy, but i firmly believe mud puddles are a formative part of childhood, so i wasn't too worried.

as i stood and talked to my cousins, john would periodically run up to me and say, "i make a mess, mommy!"

i would respond, "ok, baby, go make a mess again."

a few minutes later, we'd repeat the process. "i make a mess again, mommy!" "ok, baby."

finally, i kept a closer eye on him, trying to figure out what, exactly, he was doing to make such a mess. and i caught him in the midst of a six-foot-long, six-inch-deep mud puddle, jumping and splashing and squooshing around. my cousins asked if i wanted to go grab him and i thought - nah, he's having fun.

by the time it was time to go inside, there was mud EVERYWHERE on that kid from the neck down. (miraculously his blond blond hair was unsullied!) there was nothing to do but strip him down and hose him off in the backyard. and for the rest of the evening, he ran around in just a diaper, informing everyone he could about making a mess.

so, dirt covered noise? yeah, i'd say that's about right. but you know what? i wouldn't have it any other way.

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