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Monday, April 15, 2013

school days

one cool cat in his daddy's sunglasses
today, i thought i'd give you a glimpse at what school mornings look like for john. we're going to do this in a series of pictures. right off the bat, though, i am going to cheat: that picture above is actually from on the way to a class at church, not technically school ... but the sun was bright, and he asked if he could wear daddy's sunglasses. and then he just looked too ridiculously adorable for me to not snap a pic. so there's john, SORT of on the way to school, looking like the coolest cat you've ever met.

nothing like a little doc seuss to ease
the morning commute
one day last week, john woke up, took a shower with me (a prospect that used to terrify him but he did great!), and then spent the rest of the morning while i got ready not watching his iguy (or fussing to watch his iguy), not playing with his train table or other toys, but reading books in his room. it was so quiet i went to check on him right before we left, and i found him sitting in the chair in his room with a big book on his lap, quietly flipping the pages and studying them intently.

when i told him it was time to go, he said, "i bring my book, mommy?" so of course i said yes, and he "read" all the way to school, too.

but the very bestest school day pic is this one from this morning:

kermit-dee-frog here, reporting from john's
brand new backpack

you see, today was john's first day in the next class up at his daycare. the daycare just accepted a few new infants, so everyone had to shuffle around - normally, john would have stayed in his class until the school year change in august or so.

but last week i got a call that they were moving john and two of his classmates on up to the three-year-old class a little early, if that was ok. and actually, i was really excited about it. i think it's great for john to be in a class with older kiddos. and especially since a couple of his buddies are moving up with him, it should be an easy transition for all of them. we'll miss his teacher ms. meka like crazy, she was awesome, but i know he'll do great.

the hardest part for mommy was, this weekend i had to go buy school supplies. like, big kid school supplies. a backpack, a crayon box, his own paper and glue. so when i put that backpack on him and walked him across to the new building where his new class was, there were tears in my eyes ... my little kid is rapidly becoming a big kid! 

and when i picked him up today, he gave me a big hug and said, "mommy, i had a GREAT day today!" before i could even ask.

so it looks like we have some good school days ahead of us at this rate.

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