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Monday, May 13, 2013

mothers day weekend, of course

just chillin' on the trike.
i wouldn't be a self-respecting mother if i didn't do a little blog entry about mother's day weekend, right? that's what the latest polling shows! so here it is, the requisite mother's day blog.

one of the coolest parts of the weekend was that it started so early - and that that's going to be the new normal for me at my new job. leaving the office at 11am on a friday felt like cheating. i felt like i was playing hooky all afternoon. i think i'll get used to the feeling pretty quick, but in the meantime, it's a little odd! 

but my husband and i took advantage of the time since he's off by noon on fridays too. we went out for a celebratory new-job lunch and then we took naps. it was wonderful.

then we went and got john, who wanted to ride his tricycle in the driveway - or more accurately, to sit on his tricycle in the driveway and talk to mommy and daddy, but that was fun too.

after some hard playing and some fun "under the tent" (a blanket thrown over their heads, here's how my boys spent part of their evening:
i can't even handle the amount of adorable cheese in this
particular daddy-son pic. and take note of that position -
it'll come back later!
saturday we slept in a tiny bit - i don't think we were up until 8, which is downright luxurious. then we headed over to my new company's family day, which was an outdoor party at a nearby park. it had stormed like crazy overnight, so everything was sopping wet, but the rain held off while we were there and we got to meet some of my fellow employees and their families, eat some tasty food, and john got to jump in the bouncy castle. (he was actually too afraid to go in the big jumping castle, so he stuck to the little one.)

john also had plenty of fun jumping in the mud puddles and had to come home just about naked because he was soaked to the skin.

i can't even remember what we did with the rest of saturday afternoon, to be honest with you. i know john took a nap. did we just hang out at the house? maybe i took a nap too? it was just so low key i can't even remember, and that doesn't bother me a lick.

for mother's day proper, john woke me up before 7am. i was a little disappointed, having hoped to sleep in a little ... but then all john wanted to do was snuggle on the couch, and what kind of mommy would argue with that? so we snuggled until daddy woke up, and then the boys went and got donuts from the little bakery around the corner. stuffed with donuts, daddy and john headed off to church while mommy ... laid around on her butt. hey, it's mother's day, right?

by the time the boys were home, we packed up and headed to auntie c's house for a big family gathering. i have to say, if you can't be with your own mama on mother's day, a big extended family crawfish boil is a great way to go. got to celebrate with aunties and uncles and cousins and, of course, the matriarch of the whole bunch, my grandma. john played in more mud and ran around like a crazy man. he used uncle's truck as a jungle gym. he rode his little non-motorized quad around the yard making "monster truck" noises. he chased dogs. and we all stuffed our face with lots of delicious food. could a pregnant mom BE any happier???

when we left to head home, i knew john was exhausted. he hadn't had a nap, and he'd played HARD all day. heck, i was exhausted just watching him. but i figured, as usual, he would talk and keep us company the whole drive home.

nope. this is john three minutes into the drive:

we hadn't even made it to the interstate yet.

when we got him home, we tried to scoop him straight into his bed even though it was about an hour earlier than usual. it almost worked ... but then he woke up and was extremely cross at us for trying to put him to bed. a little more food and some snuggles later, here's what i found on the couch:

recognize that pose?
but despite falling asleep in our arms every two minutes, john refused to happily go to sleep in his bed. we finally found a compromise: he would sleep on the floor, surrounded by his stuffed animals. and moments later, you could hear a faint snoring from his room.

not too many moments later, there was probably a snoring coming from our room too. we were one tired family.

but i was one happy mama.

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