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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

here pelican, pelican, pelican

both boys went back to sleep after i woke them up the first time today. how are kids so cute even in their sleep?

mornings are not usually a strong suit at our house. 

we're up early - i usually wake john around 5:30 and charlie around 5:45 - and out the door early, getting in the car by 6:30 at the latest. and we're not what you'd call morning people.

but. BUT. today was an awesome morning. everyone was cheerful, the morning went smoothly. 

while i was getting charlie dressed, john came charging excitedly into his baby brother's room yelling, "mommy! i found my pelican!"

some backstory: once upon a time, john caught a stuffed pelican at a mardi gras parade. it was a sad silly pelican that was poorly stuffed and cheaply made. it was fluorescent green and orange. but for some reason he loved it. he fell out of love with it over time, as kids do, and i was pretty sure we had given it to my cousin to throw at another mardi gras parade. in fact, we'd seen said pelican at my cousin's house when we were back in baton rouge - it had been donated to the dog (verret) and had one foot chewed off. recently john asked about the pelican, and we told him it loved mardi gras so much that it went back to baton rouge to be in more parades.

cut to today. john comes running into the room with his pelican, which he found under a pile of other stuffed animals in his room.

"i found my pelican, and the man fixed his foot!" john shouted gleefully.

"fixed his foot?" i asked, confused?

"yeah, when verret had the pelican its foot was broken, but the man who throws me things in the parade knew i wanted my pelican back so he fixed it and gave it back to me! but how did he get from baton rouge to here?" john asked.

"he flew?" i suggested. (it was all i had.)

"mommy, it's not a REAL pelican. it can't fly."

*   *   *

once we made it to the car (with the pelican, from whom john will not be separated), the day was further improved with great conversation. my favorite went something like this:

john: "mommy, let's listen to some music."

charlie: "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba"

me: "ok, let's test out this new satellite radio thingy your daddy hooked up." (turning it on and flipping channels.)

john: "mommy, i want rock and roll."

charlie: "wa oooot."

me: "how about this one?" (settling on a channel playing nirvana's version of "man who sold the world.)

john: "no, mama. rock and ROLL. with loud guitars."

charlie: "ooooooooooooooh."

me: "how about this? this is good music!" (settling on a channel playing sublime's "wrong way" - hey, don't judge. it might not be the most kid friendly but it's darn good music.)

john: (dancing in his seat) "it IS good music, mommy ... but it's NOT rock and roll."

charlie: (dancing in his seat) "ahh ooooooooooooooot."

me: (flipping channels a little bit more) "what do you think of this?"

john: "YEAH! now THAT's what i call rock and roll!"

charlie: (laughing hysterically)

and what, pray tell, did our band of rock and rollers dance to for the rest of the drive? "tales of brave ulysses," by cream. what can i say, the kid has taste.

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