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Friday, January 18, 2013

great taste

ready for pj and movie day!
when i was pregnant with john, i really started to think about what was playing on the radio while i was in the car. it all started one day when i was about four months pregnant, driving to work and singing along at the top of my longs to a rockin' kings of leon song when i actually heard the words i was singing. "your sex is on fire" just didn't feel like a sentiment i would want my as-yet-unborn child to be singing on the way to school.

so i switched radio stations, and in actual practice, haven't had the radio on much at all with john in the car.

but just recently, i started to think about how much he loves music. and how much i have always loved music, and how i remember listening when i was very young and just being amazed by songs on the radio. i remember bopping in my car seat to "beat it." i remember adoring the song "all she wants to do is dance." and i want john to have music - pop, rock, modern, old, whatever - as a soundtrack for his young life too.

so this week, we've been listening to the radio. we flip stations frequently - when a song i don't think we need to listen to comes on, or when commercials start - and as often as possible i let john tell me which song he wants to listen to. and in a very brief moment, he can usually pick which one he wants to listen to the whole thing.

the other day, he stopped me on a station that was playing an extremely familiar tune. he said, "stop, mommy, i like that one!" and we listened for a moment until he said, "mommy, that man is playing the guitar!"

"sure enough is, john," i replied.

a moment later. "mommy! that man is playing the drums!"

"yes he is, baby, good job," i said.

a moment more. "MOMMY! that man is playing the piano!"

at first i started to say i didn't hear the piano. but then i listened a moment more and realized that there was, in fact, piano.

what song so fascinated my little man?

"eye of the tiger." rock on, john.

then this morning, he stopped me on a different station. i quickly identified that the song playing was blur's "song 2." i've always gotten an inordinate amount of joy out of that silly song - who wouldn't love rocking out and yelling woohoo? so imagine my surprise when i heard john's next words:

"mommy! this the song where the man yells 'woohoo!'"

dang, son. you're good.

these boots were made for walkin' ...

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