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Thursday, January 24, 2013

so not a morning family

his mama's child - i used to sleep with
a mess of stuffed animals, too.
our family is not a group that will every be described as morning people. i've discussed this a little bit before, but it seems to be a recurring theme in our lives.

oh sure, when we absolutely must, we're perfectly capable of getting up and running at the crack of dawn -- or before -- to catch a plane, get to a doctor, whatever. but mornings are not typically a bright and chipper time of day for us.

my husband and i are "snoozers" -- fans of hitting the snooze button. this is an invention i sort of wish had never graced us. i'm constantly running nine minutes behind (or 18 minutes) and i am always thinking, "if you just hadn't hit snooze that one last time, you'd have been fine ..." (or "if you'd just set your alarm nine minutes earlier you'd be fine ...")

as a result, mornings are also sort of constantly rushed and frantic and "oh did i let the dog back in the house" and "hurry and get in your car seat, john, before you miss breakfast at school!"

and clearly, none of that is john's fault -- it's all on mommy and daddy.

but he fits right in in this family. when i walked into his room this morning (i had heard him playing so i knew he was awake), he threw himself back to the mattress and yelled, "i go back night night with all my animals!" just the very thought of getting out of bed was clearly abhorrent to him.

i resisted the urge to climb into his bed with him. it was tempting, and it was a near thing -- if i didn't think i'd break it, i probably would have.

instead i gently lifted him out and said, "mommy loves you baby. time to get up!"

i'd love to report that he responded in kind, but it'd be a lie. he yelled, "noooooo, i don't want to go to school!" and the morning began in earnest.


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