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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the creep.

just so you know, that video is completely unrelated to my blog post for today. but somehow it seemed naked without some direct john-content (johntent?) so i added a little hoop-action for your viewing pleasure. if you were wondering, he's saying "hoop hoop hoop" over and over again.

the creep
but what i am thinking about is the creep. not some unsavory individual, but rather the slow descent into disorder that overcomes my home. the onset of clutter, the encroachment of entropy. the inevitable downward spiral of disarray.

it starts so well-meaningly. on sunday, we did the dishes. every single one. we hand-washed the un-dishwasher-able ones. we scrubbed, we ran two loads in the dishwasher (because you know, it backs up. by the time you run it, there's a full load stacked in the sink). we dried every item, and put it carefully away when it belongs - because lo and behold, even clean dishes create clutter when you leave them out on the counter to dry.

and the counter looked awesome when we went to bed sunday night. it was a sight to behold, with the sparkling surface unobstructed in an expanse of kitchen orderliness.

two full days later, i am not 100% sure there is still a counter under the dismaying clutter of dishes.

how does one small family generate so many dishes? sure, we cook dinner each night and eat breakfast each morning, but we're not even THERE for huge chunks of time during the day! and we're not horridly dirty people - the dishes are rinsed and stacked. probably the dishwasher is full - but i haven't checked, so i don't know for sure. probably it is even full and CLEAN, but needs to be unloaded.

so why is it so hard to stay on top of the dishes? why, oh why, don't i just open the damn dishwasher, empty it, and reload it? why is there still a pot from last night's dinner waiting to be washed and put away?

a dear friend told me recently, "entropy always wins. it's a law."

and she's right, i suppose. but tonight, TONIGHT, i will do battle with that law. and maybe i won't beat entropy, but i will smack that sucker down and make it say uncle ... at least for a day or two.

ps got any awesome entropy-beating suggestions you use in your house? doesn't have to be dishes ... any ol' entropy is fine. i'm pretty sure we have every variety in one room or another.

pps if the video doesn't work, please let me know - i am getting an error but i'm not sure if it's just me.

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