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Thursday, March 1, 2012

a house divided

tigers vs. vols: the battle for john's loyalty
i love college basketball. like, LOVE college basketball. i don't follow it, per se, because frankly i don't have time. but if the opportunity arises to watch some ncaa hoops, i'm all for it.

of course my true love is maryland terrapins ball. i'm old school - i've never been to a game in the comcast center at maryland, but i rarely missed a cole fieldhouse showdown when i was there.

last night, john got his first taste of college bball! we went with auntie and uncle to watch the tennessee vols play at lsu. and therein lies the division.

i may not have grown up in louisiana, but i for-sure grew up cheering for the tigers. my dad is from here, and all of his family, so we are pretty ardent purple-and-gold. and my husband has really adopted the tigers, too, and we're pretty avid tigers fans at our house. except.

john's dad went to tennessee. and he wanted to dress john in orange for the game. i, of course, and my family wanted to dress him in purple. after much debate, we agreed: he could wear an orange tshirt with his lsu polo over it. daddy planned to whisk the lsu shirt off when it got too "hot" so john's true colors could be seen. and as it happens, john's undershirt was the right color: the vols wound up winning in overtime.

but more important than the shirt debacle is this: john loved the game. at first he was wiggly and unhappy to be confined. but then mommy started offering a running commentary and suddenly he started paying attention. the commentary was ridiculous - "look, john, he's dribbling the ball! oh, he threw the ball to his friend! now they're trying to put the ball in the basket!" - but it worked.

soon john will learn that march is the greatest month of the year. and maybe mommy will have an excuse to watch more basketball than she has in years - after all, it's bonding time with the little man.

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