in june 2010, our lives got turned upside down in the best possible way: the birth of our awesome kiddo, john. in october 2013, brother charlie charged into our life to change the status quo again. and june 2016 brought us brother ben to round out our trio.

i'm proud to have "mom" at the top of the list of titles on my resume, but i'm also still a hard-working professional. how does a working mom juggle work and family? ride along with me and see if i can figure it out!

Friday, March 9, 2012

the taste of silence is bittersweet

at first glance: a moment of heaven over breakfast
my husband left for work a little earlier than usual this morning, and my little bug must have been sleepy, because by the time i was out of the shower, dressed, and blow-dried, he was still snoozing away.

with a sigh of contentment, i listened to the silence of the house. silence, that rare gem. i'm not complaining - i love the hubbub of a full, loving house. but still, as i poured my soy milk over my generic honey nut cheerios (already placed in a bowl courtesy of my awesome husband) and grabbed my book, i thought, "this is heaven."

and for a few minutes, it really was. i didn't have to share my cereal. i didn't have to talk, or listen. i didn't have to pour more juice, or wipe banana off my work pants. i didn't have to tell john not to give his juice to the dog or to his stuffed tiger. i could just ... read. and eat. and sit. in silence. amazing.

but after a moment, i realized i was wishing john was awake. after all, these were precious minutes i could be spending with him! when you consider that we only have about four hours together on a workday, split between morning and night, this was *seriously* cutting into my time with my son! i was really going to miss him today, without starting my day off with his silly antics.

and just as i finished off the last bite of ceral and set my book down, i heard a little sound. "mommy?" said a happy little voice from back in his bedroom. so i got him, dressed him, and we played while i finished my hair and makeup, and talked nonstop on the way to school.

so yes, silence is golden. i enjoyed reading my book in peace ... but my heart sure lit up when i heard that little squeak, and i sure am happy i got some morning with my bug after all.

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