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Friday, July 6, 2012

the potty

john has started expressing a little interest in the potty lately. i don't think he quite gets it, but he knows it's something big kids do and adults do, and he frequently asks to go potty. (although for him, that just involves sitting on the potty.)

so a few weeks ago, my husband and i decided it would be a great idea to get a cool soft potty seat that would keep john's little booty from falling through, and also encourage him to want to use the potty more. when we saw the "cars" potty seat, we thought it was perfect. although john hasn't seen the movie, he loves cars of any kind, and the brightly colored seat fairly BEGGED for a little boy to learn to tee tee on the potty while sitting on it.

and in some respects, we were right. john loves his cars potty seat.

what we didn't anticipate was that he would think it was a funny hat. and that every time he'd see it, he'd yell, "cars potty!" and want to carry it around the house with him.

on one level, we succeeded. he is, in fact, fascinated by the cars potty seat. now if we could just make him understand that it is a part of the potty.

i guess the good news is, we're not in a particular hurry to potty train and are perfectly willing to let it happen when john is ready. he's exposed to potty training at daycare, and we let him sit on the potty any time he asks, and one of these days, mark my words, the connection will be made!

til then, don't just me for my child's choice of headwear.*

* please hold your ire, germophobes. i do not actually let my child sport a germ-laden potty seat on his head. and if he does happen to steal it and wear it around, i sanitize him nicely.

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