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Friday, July 13, 2012

travelogue: excursions (skagway)

day 6: skagway, alaska
we spent the fourth of july in sleepy skagway, alaska, population approximately 800 (not including summertime visitors or 10,000 people from cruise ships that day!). the town featured such festivities as a railroad spike driving contest, a slow bike race, etc. quite the exiting time for a small town! 

my husband and i chose to do a bike trip through nearby dyea, a beautiful temperate rain forest opening up on some tidal mud flats between the mountains. dyea used to be a mining town, but when the railroad was built in skagway around 1900, everyone moved from dyea to skagway and left next to nothing but a few relics behind.

we didn't see any wildlife that day, but what breathtaking scenery again - are you tired of hearing that???
the mudflats and mountains and stream and ... gosh. can i go back?
while my husband and i biked, grammie took john on the adventure of HIS lifetime - a dog-sledding excursion. they rode a summer training sled pulled by sled dogs, then got to snuggle and play with puppies and grown up sled dogs as part of their socialization training. i'm not sure who loved it more, john or grammie ... but i know they had a blast, and john came home with a cute little stuffed sled dog he named "snap" after his favorite real-life sled dog of the day. i think my mom has some pictures, and i'll post them later if they turn up!

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