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Friday, July 13, 2012

travelogue: excursions (juneau)

day 5: juneau, alaska
so eleven 30-ton humpback whales synchronized swimming is a pretty tough thing to top, but we figured out how to do it: our five-glacier flightseeing tour on a seaplane, culminating in an incredible wild-caught fresh local salmon feast at the taku lodge. amazing scenery, incredible food, topped up with a close-up black bear sighting ... how could this possibly be my life??? 

i don't even like salmon, but the stuff we had at taku lodge was delicious. if that's what salmon tasted like in "real life," i'd eat it every day. grammie and my husband and i ate like pigs and soaked it all in.
the trusty seaplane that carried us over the amazing scenery
dorky johnsmom on a seaplane
mountains below
one of five glaciers we saw (on the left)
the amazingly gorgeous braided taku river
our lunchtime view from taku lodge - the aptly named taku glacier
moosehead overlooking our
lunch seats
enjoying some russian tea -
tea, oj, lemonade, cloves - mmmm
a wild black bear hanging around
the lodge
john was with gigi and great-grandpa again while we were on this excursion, and according to all reports, they had a blast as well.

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